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1989 - 1995

Pier Moro studied architecture at Politecnico di Milano as well as at Helsinki Polytechnic University, where he spent about a year.

Acquaintance with Russia

During his studies at the University of Helsinki, Pier Moro found out that the city was built by Carl Ludwig Engel, a German architect, under the guidance of Johann Albrecht Ehrenström, who was in charge of the construction of the Grand Duchy of Finland upon request from Alexander I the Tsar of Russia.

Curiosity prompted Pier to make his first student trip to Russia, to St. Petersburg, in 1994 and discover the greatness of this city, which was built, by the way, by Italian architects.

1995 - 2010
From theory to practice

In Finland Pier Moro meets a Milanese architect who convinces him to return to Italy.

In Milan, he had been working for 15 years taking care of projects for various Finnish multinational companies of high level, such as Outokumpu, UPM Kymmene, Nokia, and also realized projects for private residences, commercial buildings and public objects for various municipal administrations.

1998 - 2004
University experience

Pier Moro was an assistant of Professor Guido Nardi, dean of architecture faculty at Politechico di Milano.

Together they organized several architectural exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Moreover, they took part in many international conferences from 1998 to 2004 in collaboration with the BE-MA publishing house.

International competitions

In 2003, Pier Moro took part in several international architectural competitions guided by architects Stefano Boeri and Rem Koolhaas.

Among them was the contest for the design of the Afragola – Naples railway station. Pier Moro was the link between designers and London-based company OVE ARUP, responsible for the engineering part of the project. Zaha Hadid won this competition.

Points of view

The vast experience that Pier Moro gained due to his participation in architectural exhibitions and special international conferences, allowed him to become an expert in the field of communications.

For this reason, in 2007 he started working on TV as an author and a TV presenter for the program about Milan called “Points of View – Big City Life”.

Big project

In 2008, Pier Moro took part in a large real estate development project in St. Petersburg, under the direction of Philippe Starck.

The same year, Pier Moro began to work as an architect in the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow.

2009 - 2011
Another opinion

In 2009 Pier Moro was invited to Moscow to be an author and TV presenter for the program “Other Opinion”, broadcasted on the Expert TV channel.

The program was devoted to different topics related to business in the Russian Federation.

2012 - 2015
Italian start-up in Russia

In 2012 Pier Moro took charge of the decorative lighting company from Italy.

In 2013 he launched a startup company on the Russian market and opened his first office in Moscow.

Pier Moro remained the head of representative office until 2015, when he decided to start his adventure in Rostov-on-Don.

2015 - Present
Art Studio House

While working in the decorative lighting company, Pier Moro managed more than 800 customers including distributors, shops, architects and designers from all over Russia, Baltic countries, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Among Russian clients there was Evgeniya Popova who caught Moro’s attention due to her professionalism and high quality of projects.

Pier first met Evgeniya at the I Saloni Fair in Milan.

In June 2015 Moro visited Art Studio HOUSE office, and started working with Evgenia for several months remotely, until he moved to Rostov-on-Don in November 2015.

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