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Art Studio HOUSE (ASH) is a great example of how an international team with a high level of coordination can work effectively.

What makes us unique? Original concept and outstanding approach for service. Interior designer Evgeniya Moro together with an Italian Architect Pier Moro have created a team of true professionals.

The competencies of Art Studio HOUSE partners are fundamentally different – they can be grouped in “macro” and “micro”.

Architect Pier Moro takes care of “macro” issues such as organization of project development as well as coordination of processes at the construction site. In his work Pier Moro uses European experience and manages all “macro” issues, taking into account three main elements – economic feasibility, technical feasibility and timing of project development and implementation. Moreover, special attention is paid to safety both at the construction site and during the operation of implemented objects.

Designer Evgeniya Moro deals with “micro” issues, including monitoring the development of concept projects and interior design projects, coordination of ergonomics and technical details, as well as control of economic operations during the project implementation.


Three essential elements of our success.

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